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How to increase profits in your business? 

Dedicate yourself to serving your customers and your sales will take care of themselves. That’s not the whole truth. You cannot just increase the profits of your business without some specific strategy to do it. That’s why I’m gonna share with you some strategies from Bryan Tracy to increase profits in your business:

Increase your lead generation and lead conversation. This is the process that you use to attract interested prospects to your business. The second is lead conversion. This is the process by which you convert leads into paying customers. This is the measure of the effectiveness of your sales efforts. Improving your ability to sell and convert interested prospects into paying customers is one of the most important things you can do. Look at every key result area in your sales process and seek ways to improve a little bit in each area. A small improvement in each key area can lead to an enormous improvement in overall sales results.

You can increase your profits by increasing your referrals. The customers who come to you as a result of referrals from your satisfied customers developing one or more proven referral systems for your business can have a great impact on your sales and your business. You can’t eliminate costly services that you no longer need. Many companies get into a routine of offering expensive services to their customers that they could easily discontinue no loss of customer satisfaction. You can evaluate the potential effectiveness of any advertising or any other expenses that you incur to increase sales. Every expense to increase profits must be seen as an investment with an expected rate of return that is greater than the cost.

You can’t reduce your costs to acquire a customer. You should be continually seeking creative ways to improve your advertising and promotion so that it cost you less to buy each customer. This can impact and increase the profits of your business dramatically.

You can raise your prices. You can raise your prices by 5 % or 10 % without experiencing any market resistance if your products and services are of good quality and your people are friendly and helpful. A small increase in your overall prices will not drive your customers away. Every day it becomes harder and harder to compete with your competition.