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Sessions & Talks

by Arjodita Mustali

One on One Coaching Sessions

She provides a personalized life coaching experience.

Arjodita has inspired many entrepreneurs to grow and develop a startup idea and business especially towards BPO and globalization and digitalization. Arjodita has supported woman growth and initiatives through mentoring, coaching and inspired them in leading by example.

Unit Center, Vigan Group, Best Training & Consulting and the Albanian Business Association are some of the business and organizations that has gown the impact of Arjodita in the promotion of young people towards technological initiatives, startups and orientation towards the BPO industry.

Startup coaching

Could you do better, be better for your IDEA? You can do and feel better.

8 Weeks / Starting at ___


The talk that might change the way you think about YOUR BUSINESS and others that will lead you to a genuine and comfortable communication style.

4 Weeks / Starting at ___


Wonder how to improve your productivity without any burnouts and at the same time feel you career goes the right way? Yes, that can be achieved!

8 Weeks / Starting at ___