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In this panel led by Fabiola Duro were invited three important personalities in the field of business in Albania. Arjodita Mustali General Director of ABSA, an organization that supports businesses in Albania and founder of several businesses with national and international impact. Dritan Mezini, founder and CEO of the well-known platform Dua Punë and Enor Nakuçi, one of the co-founders of KreatX. A brief summary of Arjodita Mustali’s speech at this Webinar:

1. What is the new normal currently?
The current situation both inside and outside the country has brought a change in some aspects of the business life, but nevertheless since we have worked with Outsourcing we have become accustomed to the situation of working remotely. Adapting family life in this system and on the other hand adapting employees to this system have been two of the biggest challenges in this period.

From the perspective of the experience of ABSA members, but also from my perspective as the leader of several different platforms and businesses, the service industry has had fewer conflicts with employees, immediately understanding their needs and adapting working conditions so that businesses can are developed, but their personal safety is also taken into account.

2. How do you see life a year from now? What concrete values can this situation offer?
As entrepreneurs we need to consider the risk as business managers. Through ABSA and the Global Digital City platform we have launched an initiative to prevent the emigration of young people outside Albania by providing opportunities for them in their country.

 I think that today, in one year, we will all have made some changes in terms of the priorities that Albania and the labor market should have. Today we have information that influences people to head in the wrong direction.

In these conditions of world unemployment we will have to understand that work is very important regardless of where it is done and regardless of its type. This will make us focus more on each nation in its own country and consequently invest in the national capacity of each country. The largest Albanian businesses that don’t have websites are already facing many difficulties.

Today those who will adapt more easily to the situation, will be able to survive for longer. Albanian businesses lack access to knowledge on how to deal with the situation. For example, today where e- commerce is a necessity, we again take money from the consumer physically when he receives the product. Therefore, it is imperative that all businesses go online. Through various activities and work with business consulting through ABSA we are doing our best to positively influence this aspect.