Why are you not getting what you want?

Why are you not getting what you want?

Have you ever asked yourself, “How am I going to live today to create the tomorrow I am committed to?”  We usually tend to give ourselves a lot of excuses justifying why it is not working for us. It is almost always the same life cycle; we come up with a life-changing idea, try to imagine what it would be like when we make it happen, and in the end, start creating a wall of reasons why this idea can’t be done. 

Here’s a list of excuses we start giving ourselves:

“If I only had more time…”

“I could do it, but I am not feeling it today…”

“ I will get to that after my schedule clears up…”

“ I have been swamped lately…”

Most of us know this habit too well. There is a time in life, after many failures, that we understand we cannot make specific changes because a part of our brain is refusing to. The human mind tends to protect a person from anything unfamiliar or uncomfortable, including any attempt to break out of your situation. 

Change is threatening to our brain, and it manifests in ways we won’t even realize. Here are some of the reasons preventing us from pushing things to the next level. These are self-sabotaging habits that require us to step up and do something about them. 

Running away from your goals.

Most people do not have a straightforward course of action in their lives. If you have a big goal in your head, you need to break it down into small subgoals to make it doable; otherwise, you will never achieve it. The inability to break the goal down into subgoals creates the habit of talking ourselves out of trying because we think it cannot be done. 

Lack of vision

Besides not having a clear set of goals, people also suffer from a lack of purpose, to begin with. They drift aimlessly in life, without being sure at all which direction they should take. Self-doubt starts to happen and paralyzes people from dreaming more. What to do in such cases? Replace fear with excitement. Visualization is also helpful, but you need to paint a crystal-clear picture to get the full effect. Spend time thinking about how it would feel making those dreams happen? Bridge your gap between thought and reality. 

You don’t believe

The excitement about the vision should start before working on it. This makes planting the belief that it can happen in the first place. As counterintuitive as it sounds, you’ll have to believe in something before it even happens. Use affirmations to empower yourself. Belief comes before reality.

You don’t have a plan B

Sometimes, the outcome we have in mind does not align with reality; it can happen. If your dream drops to this list, you need to understand how to react. Partial control over the situation in such cases helps preventing it from ultimately going down the drain. This is an opportunity to learn how to grow, even in the most challenging conditions. Improvise, adapt, and overcome. 

Lack of discipline

Self-discipline will take care of you as nothing else will. Discipline is cultivated by staying focused on your end goals. This will require some sacrifices, such as staying up late, giving up unhealthy habits, and resisting the desire to procrastinate. 

Hush the voice inside your head that keeps saying: “why are you trying to change?” It will remind you how terrifying the unknown is, but you need to build the persistence and cultivate the adventurous spirit instead. 

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