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The Western Balkans region holds immense potential for growth and development. As it strives for a brighter future, supporting innovation and collaboration is crucial. The “Unlocking Innovation in Services in the Western Balkans” event served as a valuable platform to talk about these critical elements and chart a course for a more prosperous future.

As President of ABSL Albania, I participated in this event as both a speaker and facilitator. It was an opportunity to share my vision for building a brighter future in the region, emphasizing the importance of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation in unlocking the full potential of the Western Balkans.

I presented the diverse range of projects and initiatives that ABSL Albania is actively engaged in, particularly highlighting the regional efforts within the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector. This includes the exciting new program launched by RECONOMY, which aims to unite the ABSLs across the Western Balkans, fostering greater collaboration and driving innovation throughout the region.

The event’s program featured engaging discussions and presentations on various pertinent topics, including:

  • The transformative impact of innovation on the BPO industry
  • Strategies for driving innovation through strategic partnerships
  • The crucial role of ABSLs and BPO companies in this process
  • The importance of attracting foreign investment to spur innovation
  • Emerging trends shaping the BPO and nearshoring landscape

These discussions demonstrated the strong commitment of the inspiring individuals and organizations present to making a positive impact on the Western Balkans.

Events like “Unlocking Innovation in Services in the Western Balkans” play a pivotal role in creating a dynamic platform for dialogue, collaboration, and collective action. By bringing together stakeholders from across the region, we can synergize our efforts, share best practices, and work towards a shared goal of building a brighter future for the Western Balkans.

This event has shown me that working together, sharing knowledge, and focusing on innovation are key to unlocking the full potential of the Western Balkans and building a brighter future for everyone. It has reinforced my conviction that collaboration is essential for achieving remarkable progress and creating a lasting positive impact in the region.