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If your goal is to grow your business to six, seven, or even eight figures, I’m going to reveal to you some strategies I’ve used to develop multiple profitable businesses.

You need a steady and consistent flow of deals. One of the biggest hindrances to growing your business is a lack of deal flow. It’s a lack of people knowing about you, learning about your business, and choosing to do business with you. We could call this a lack of leads or a lack of appointments or a lack of sales calls, or even just a lack of sales. And the solution is to increase deal flow and increase the opportunities you have to get your business in front of potential prospects, clients, or customers. This is why marketing is the most essential element of your business’s success. It’s marketing’s job to get you that deal flow, to put you in front of ideal clients, ideal customers so they can know about you and ultimately buy from you. After nearly a decade of coaching and growing businesses, I can confidently say that if your business is doing well, the biggest issue is most likely your marketing strategy or a lack of it.

Creating long-form content. The goal of marketing is to get someone to know you and to trust you so they can ultimately buy from you. The first step is getting them to know you. They can’t buy from you if they don’t even know you exist. Once you’ve introduced yourself, the next step is to get somebody to like you and trust you. The best way to earn that trust is to essentially show that you’re a trustworthy person who knows what you’re talking about. And this is where long-form content shines. If you are wondering if people consume content for more than five minutes and up to an hour, the answer is yes. What you want to do here is think about how people consume YouTube videos or podcasts, as perfect examples of somebody watching one or multiple YouTube videos or listening to podcasts for twenty-five minutes or more. Some podcasts are numerous hours long, and they still get consumed. The beauty of long-form content is that it allows you a tremendous opportunity to build trust and to tell stories, and to connect with someone way better and way more effectively than you can through a short social media post. 

Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart.You’re going to need support. And this means hiring other people to help you. Whether we’re talking about hiring full-time employees or contractors, it’s going to vary depending on your business, depending on the level of commitment you want to make. In the beginning, when you won’t grow your business, you are going to work 14 to 16 hours a day, seven days a week. When you’re working 16 hours a day, you’re not that productive. Don’t work hard – work smart. One of the obvious things to do when you don’t have time is to get help. This means hiring a team or outsourcing one and delegating some of the work you are doing. 

Marketing is the most essential element of your business success. You can design your marketing accordingly to help you truly grow your business. This is why the next thing that you’re going to do is exploring an Introduction about Marketing and understanding what the nature of marketing is.