Arjodita Mustali

Development of BPO Sector in Albania needs ABSA and here is why

Development of BPO Sector in Albania needs ABSA and here is why


Albania has many other BPO services, among which is also call center, but it is not the only one. 
By knowing this, young people can be more aware of the opportunities offered by this sector and also be able to understand the employment potential this sector has.  

ABSA has been an organization for 3 years and operates as a business group. It aims to advocate for the benefits of the BPO sector in Albania. This organization has also advocated in the Albanian state to understand the importance of this industry for the Albanian economy. ABSA has included the BPO term in the institutional vocabulary, as it was previously known only as Call Center. This sector provides opportunities for young people, from 19 years old to the average age of Albanian population which is 36 years old.

At the center of ABSA is the customer. The client is a foreign investor who will invest in Albania. One of the ABSA’s goal is to attract foreign investors to Albania. Another aimed goal is the cooperation they want to have with the Albanian state. ABSA offers solutions along with the requirements to the public institutions and some instances have taken them into consideration and are putting them in practice. Despite the goals aimed by ABSA, the most important element is the employees. Young people in Albania know foreign languages, and this is a very important asset for ABSA in the development of the BPO sector. The employee is the basis of business development. Work cannot be done in utility companies without employee logistics.

ABSA provides market information, market surveys, intermediation between companies, and the promotion of service sector development in Albania by increasing the opportunity to attract foreign investors. Virtual assistance, telemarketing, consulting, brokerage, etc., are some of the services ABSA promotes in Albania. Outsource can be both inside Albania and also outside Albania. If a business e.g. requires a Content Writer ABSA offers mediation to find professionals who will be able to operate in the Albanian market and most importantly in the international market.

ABSA invite all businesses to be members of this organization. Events have been held with the purpose of offering interconnection opportunities to businesses. The initial goal was to be able to lobby in the state. It is not only the state instances that decide the future of this sector. The main focus is the perception that young people have for this sector. So, the services of this sector need to be properly promoted. It is not a well-known sector. We are not talking about a new industry, but it is new in financial and legal terms, new to the foreign market. 

ABSA’s purpose is to give businesses the information they need about their development and investment opportunities. The first goal is market education. Further ABSA will bring other benefits to the Albanian market, especially in attracting foreign investors in Albania.